Service & Warranty (2)

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  • <p><strong>MPR PARTS BV</strong><br>Hulsingbroek 1<br>5993 NE Maasbree<br>The Netherlands<br>0031-(0)77 307 15 80<br><br><strong>Post address:<br></strong>Hulsingbroek 1, 5993 NE Maasbree<br><br>Email: info@carparts-onlineshop.com<br>VAT nr: NL8555.58.180.B.01<br>Account nr: 1310.41.231<br>I-Ban: NL11 RABO 0131 0412 31<br>Swift / Bic: RABONL2U<br>Chamber of commerce number: 64186369</p>

  • <p>General<br>The products offered by the Company conform to current European legislation and standards applicable in Europe. The products sold by the Company may only be fitted to vehicles or systems recommended by the constructor or manufacturer or by an authorised person and only under their responsibility. The Company cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for the consequences of incorrect fitting or use of a product that is not adapted to a particular vehicle.<br><br>Manufacturer's warranty<br>Some Products have a manufacturer's warranty of usually one year. If a Product becomes defective during the warranty period, repairs are covered by the manufacturer concerned. The Customer is responsible for the shipping costs of the Product to the manufacturer.<br><br>Guarantee for hidden defects<br>In accordance with the legislation on hidden defects applicable in Europe, the Customer enjoys a legal guarantee for hidden defects. Only those Products with a recognised hidden defect may be returned to the Company for this reason. If a Customer indicates that a Product supplied by the Company has a hidden defect, he/she must provide proof of this. The Customer must therefore request an expert's report from a recognised expert in order to confirm the hidden defect. If the expert's report shows that there is a hidden defect, the document proving this must be sent to the Company's customer service department as soon as possible. Upon receipt of this document, the Company's customer service will provide the return authorisation number and the procedure to be followed for returning the Product. The cost of returning the Product shall be borne by the Company. The Company will authorise the return of the Product after the hidden defect has been identified by the Company's services. Once the return has been approved by the Company's services, the purchase price of the Product will be refunded. Subject to proven hidden defects, the costs of expert assessment may be reimbursed by the Company on presentation of the invoice relating to these costs.<br><br>Exclusion of guarantee<br>The guarantee does not apply to: the replacement of consumables (bulbs, brushes, batteries, discs, filters, plugs, clips, plates, etc.); abnormal or incorrect use of the products; defects and consequences resulting from use for which the product is not intended (competition, etc.); defects and consequences resulting from an external cause.<br><br></p>